When will hytavern come out?
We are hoping to have Hytavern released 3-6 months after Hytale's release. This number could fluctuate significantly depending on the situation.
How Will Hytavern make money?
Hytavern will have in-game purchases, but will only be for premium currency, or cosmetic items. Only certain cosmetic items will be put behind paywalls, but the majority will be able to be purchased without spending any real money. We are still discussing the possibility of a battlepass or premium (VIP) account system. Most heroes can be bought with either premium currency, or base currency in the server, but others will be linked to challenges.
How will taverns work inside Hytavern?
Taverns act as a lobby system, similar to the "Tower" in Destiny. You will be able to change the appearance your tavern by purchasing or earning prefab designs. There will be interactive NPC's at the tavern, which you can visit for bounties, challenges, and rewards. You can invite your friends to your tavern to queue up with them for matches, or you can create a "Guild Tavern" which you can share with your guild-mates.
What are guilds?
Guilds are a way for players to easily play with their friends, and gain exclusive rewards and bonuses. The top guilds of each week will receive special rewards, and cosmetics to show off! You can use guilds to queue up for Gauntlet matches in a group of 5, or take on dungeons with a squad of 4. When creating a guild, the player will have to pledge allegiance to a house. This will define the personality of the guild, and the rewards it can receive.
What are houses?
The 3 houses of Hytavern make up the main groups/factions of the heroes within the game. They are very important to the lore of Hytavern, and play an important role in defining a character's personality. We will discuss the 3 houses more in-depth in a future blogpost.
How do Heroes work in Hytavern?
Heroes are the characters you get to play as in Hytavern. Players will start the game with a selection of base heroes to choose from, and will have to unlock more as they progress. Heroes will have 3 unique abilities, consisting of 2 base abilities, and 1 "super" ability. Heroes will also have a speed, damage, and health value, which will range between 1-3. This will significantly change the way a hero plays, and defines their style. Heroes will be played in both PVP, and PVE, and can mixed with your team to create effective combinations. Each team will only be allowed 1 of each Hero to be played at a time.
How does the gauntlet work in Hytavern?
The Gauntlet is Hytavern's PVP arena, where you can play across a variety of hand-made maps, and 3 unique gamemodes. Players will take part in a hectic 5v5 match, in either competitive, or casual playlists. Hytavern will use an in-house ranking system for competitive players, to insure they get matched up against players of a similar skill level. We will cover competitive play in a future blogpost.
What are dungeons and how do they work?
Dungeons make up Hytavern's PVE play, where players can join up with a squad of 4, to take on complex puzzles, defeat bosses, and receive rewards! Squads will have to choose their heroes wisely, as certain combinations will make or break their attempt at victory. Only 1 of each Hero can be played at a time, to encourage variety and team-based play. New dungeons will be added with each server update, and will feature new bosses, puzzles, and rewards.
How can I become a staff member for hytavern?
Hytavern is currently offering both payed, and volunteer work for full-time, and part-time staff. You can apply at our #jobs channel on our discord server.
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